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Inner Feelings - Rakesh Chaurasia & Sunil Das
Music for relaxation and contemplation
Code : SRCD 121
Product Type : CD
Label : Sona Rupa
Ragas: Gorakh Kalyan, Bageshri, Yaman Kalyan, Darbari
Artist : Rakesh Chaurasia - Flute/Bansuri, Sunil Das - Sitar
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A jugalbandhi of sitar and flute, Sunil Das and Rakesh Chaurasia convey their Inner Feelings; music for relaxation, meditation and contemplation. Classical raags are the life-force of Indian music that perfectly encapsulates the myriad moods of a twenty four hour day. Inner Feelings showcases four such moods with the melodious Gorakh Kalyan, the effervescent Bageshri, the ever-popular Yaman Kalyan and the majestic Darbari.

In Inner Feelings, the sonorous singing sitar proves a perfect foil to one of the great wind instruments of India, the Bansuri. Their coming together provides a synthesis that leads to a very meditative and relaxing mood. Rakesh Chaurasia and the brilliant sitarist Sunil Das weave enchanting pieces of soulful music in a contemplative style that ultimately draws in the listener.

Inner Feelings is a perfect companion for yoga, meditation, relaxation and contemplation. A truly wonderful album that energizes the Mind, Body and Soul.

If you enjoy  Divine Chants of Gayatri CD by Rakesh Chaurasia see below for more mantras, sacred vocals and classical Indian music.

Listen to sample
CD 1
1. Inner Feelings - Raag Gorakh Kalyan 13:37
2. Inner Soul - Raag Bageshri 13:49
3. Happiness - Raag Yaman Kalyan 18:27
4. Love - Raag Darbari 16:52
5. Pure Joy - Raag Gorakh Kalyan 4:55
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Sunil Das

One of the leading disciples of the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar, Sunil Das is perhaps the least well-known supreme exponent of the sitar in the western world. Among the Indian musical fraternity, he has carved for himself a name that is synonymous with incredible virtuosity, versatility, sensitivity and invention. He is equally at ease, be it playing and recording music for the Indian film industry, accompanying giants such as Jagjit Singh on the world stage or performing solo on a concert stage. With such vast and varied experience, he brings to sitar playing a rich and soulful, expressive and lilting music that is soothing to the ears of the listener.

A truly inspirational musician, Sunil Das is loved and highly respected by his peers.

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