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Prarthana Mandir
Daily Prayers for Children
Code : SRCD 119
Product Type : CD
Label : Sona Rupa
Artist : Hema Desai, Shefali Mattani, Nehali Mattani, Rupi Venilal, Mala Shah, Manisha Doctor, Bijal Parekh.
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Prarthana Mandir: God is a prayer away! The performance of Prarthana (prayer) acknowledges the existence of God or a deity. This act of worship is practiced by a wide variety of religions to promote spiritual, mental and physical well-being. It is through prayers that we praise and celebrate Divinity in its manifold manifestations.

Many believe that the act itself is a form of direct spiritual communication with the almighty, a relationship that is very much personal. For some, it is a relationship that seeks answers to difficult questions and for others, it is finding solace and comfort in complete surrender of one's being to God. The everyday practice of singing prayers in the home by the whole family, particularly amongst Hindu families, is a tradition stretching back millennia that has a powerful spiritual impact on the very young and old alike.

The advent of the twenty first century with the all devouring, rampant consumerism risks destroying the very social and spiritual fabric of societies everywhere. Young children are most likely to be affected by this phenomena and therefore, it is essential that they are nurtured and guided by spirituality and sensitised to all aspects of godliness.

In Prarthana Mandir, we have chosen and recorded prayers that are easy to understand and tunes that are sweet and melodious to sing along to. Singers: Hema Desai, Shefali Mattani, Nehali Mattani, Rupi Venilal, Mala Shah, Manisha Doctor, Pooja and Bijal Parekh.

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CD 1
1. Shlokas
2. Aho Naath Ubha
3. Ame To Tara Nana Baal
4. Chhiye Ame To Chhotaji
5. Guruji Amne Aapo Gnyan
6. He Jagatrata Vishwa Vidhata
7. He Parameshwar
8. Jasodano Jayo Chhun
9. Mandir Taarun Vishwa Rupalu
10. Mane Kahone Parameshwar
11. Mara Prabhu To
12. O Ishwar Bhajiye Tane
13. Om Tat Sat Shri Narayan - Vinoba Bhave
14. Prabho Antaryami - Kavi Nhanalal
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