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Trinity - Music of the Gods
Trinity - Music of the Gods Music of the Gods
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The three aspects of God represented through the Hindu "Trimurti" (Trinity) are an embodiment of the supreme, impersonal, eternal and universal spirit. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Mahesh (or Shiva) the destroyer. Destruction, in this sense, is more about renewal - or the dismantling of older structures to make way for the new hence Shiva has strong associations with man's creative instincts.... Read More

: SRCD 040
: Sona Rupa


  1. Sounds of Shiva - Raag Kedar 7:00
  2. Sounds of Brahma - Raag Bihag 8:54
  3. Sounds of Krishna - Raag Gorakh Kalyan 8:35
  4. Sounds of Indra - Raag Jansamohini 7:21
  5. Radha - Raag Rageshri 5:58
  6. Sounds of Saraswati - Raag Charukeshi 7:44
  7. Shyam - Raag Piloo (Pilu) 7:37
  8. Sounds of Brij - Raag Kafi 7:30
  9. Trinity - Raag Bhairavi 12:48
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