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Tears on a Lotus - Gundecha Brothers
Tears on a Lotus - Gundecha Brothers Gundecha Brothers

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Dhrupad is one of the most ancient musical forms in India, whose roots are traced back to the 2000-year-old tradition of chanting hymns from the Vedas. Dhrupad, literally meaning 'slow step', can be characterised as a musical exploration of sound. Subjects used as a source for dhrupad poetry include hymns in praise of Hindu and Islamic saints as well as philosophical reflections on music. Today, Dhrupad is a musical style that is... Read More

: Sense 009
: Sense
: Gaoti, Shivranjani
: Umakant Gundecha, Ramakant Gundecha, Akhilesh Gundecha - Pakhawaj
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