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Prarthana Mandir new
Prarthana Mandir new Daily Prayers for Children

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Prarthana Mandir: God is a prayer away! The performance of Prarthana (prayer) acknowledges the existence of God or a deity. This act of worship is practiced by a wide variety of religions to promote spiritual, mental and physical well-being. It is through prayers that we praise and celebrate Divinity in its manifold manifestations.

Many believe that the act itself is a form of direct spiritual communication with the almighty, a... Read More

: SRCD 119
: Sona Rupa


  1. Shlokas
  2. Aho Naath Ubha
  3. Ame To Tara Nana Baal
  4. Chhiye Ame To Chhotaji
  5. Guruji Amne Aapo Gnyan
  6. He Jagatrata Vishwa Vidhata
  7. He Parameshwar
  8. Jasodano Jayo Chhun
  9. Mandir Taarun Vishwa Rupalu
  10. Mane Kahone Parameshwar
  11. Mara Prabhu To
  12. O Ishwar Bhajiye Tane
  13. Om Tat Sat Shri Narayan - Vinoba Bhave
  14. Prabho Antaryami - Kavi Nhanalal
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