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Mandala - Sitar & Veena
Mandala - Sitar & Veena Purbayan Chatterjee & Jayanthi Kumaresh

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'In every Jugalbandi the success lies in finding the right spot where the two systems can meet and converse, discuss, share and enhance each other.' Such communion happens rarely and when it happens something meaningful and ethereal comes out'. - Jayanthi Kumaresh
'This album denotes the flowing of tradition from an ancient instrument with its majestic grandeur to a more contemporary instrument with its... Read More

: Sense 100
: Sense
: Hansadhwani, Karaharapriya
: Purbayan Chatterjee, Jayanthi Kumaresh, Subhankar Bannerjee - Tabla, Jayachandra Rao - Mridangam
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