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Krishna Bhakti - Pandit Jasraj
Krishna Bhakti - Pandit Jasraj

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Through history, artistes who have left the most indelible imprints on the sands of time have been the innovators, the ones who have dared to strike their own paths, to explore possibilities, stretch the seams of what is believed to be sacrosanct and holy. Pandit Jasraj is an innovator - an artiste who will be remembered and emulated by future generations for his contributions to musical thought.

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: SRCD 112
: Sona Rupa
: pandit Jasraj


  1. Vandana 01:00
  2. Govind Damodar Madhaveti 32:27
  3. Om Namo Bhagwate 25:17
  4. Rani Tero 10:05
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