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Jai Siyaram - Divine Chants of Lord Ram
Jai Siyaram - Divine Chants of Lord Ram Divine Chants of Lord Rama

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The seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Ram is conceived as a model of reason, right action and desirable virtues, a supreme manifestation of the Divine.

In Jai Siyaram, the divine chants of Lord Ram, it is this light that we revere. Such chants packed with divinity have been compiled that entrance the devotees to experience the ethereal, the... Read More

: SRCD 091
: Sona Rupa
: Jhinjhoti, Yaman Kalyan, Khamaj, Bageshri, Pahadi, Piloo (Pilu), Jog
: Hariharan, Devaki Pandit, Anup Jalota


  1. Ram Shlok-Hariharan: Jhinjhoti 3:35
  2. Shri Ram Jai Ram-Hariharan: Jhinjhoti 9:02
  3. Jai Raghunandan-Devaki Pandit: Yaman Kalyan 10:52
  4. Shri Ram Jai Ram-Anup Jalota: Khamaj 11:08
  5. Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho-Hariharan: Bageshri 7:12
  6. Jin Ram Na Jaana-Anup Jalota: Pahadi 7:38
  7. Raghukul Bhushan Raja Ram-Hariharan: Piloo 11:12
  8. Shri Ram Ram Ram-Devaki Pandit: Raag Jog 9:03
  9. Shri Ram Chandra Krupalu Bhajman 7:05
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