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Inner Peace - Rakesh Chaurasia-Anupam Chatterjee
Inner Peace - Rakesh Chaurasia-Anupam Chatterjee Rakesh Chaurasia & Anupam Chatterjee
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Accompanied by Anupam Chatterjee on the Acoustic Piano, Rakesh Chaurasia plays the Bamboo Flute.

If at all we are looking for peace of mind, there is no way one can have it through physical and materialistic objects. What we see or feel by our senses has certainly a beginning and an end. The only thing which is infinite is the Inner Self - the... Read More

: SRCD 097
: Sona Rupa
: Rakesh Chaurasia, Anupam Chatterjee - Acoustic Piano


  1. Inner Peace 1 - 3
  2. Happiness 4 - 6
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