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Girija Devi
Girija Devi Behag, Desh, Bhairavi, Mishra Kafi

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Girija Devi is the foremost traditional exponent of thumri in India today, representing the rich musical culture of Benares. Girija Devi sings three romantic thumris in ragas Behag, Desh and Bhairavi, a springtime-inspired Hori in raga Mishra Kafi, and a vivacious and virtuosic tappa in raga Bhairavi.

Accompanied by Subhen Chatterjee on the Tabla and by... Read More

: IAM 1076
: Behag, Desh, Bhaiaravi, Mishra Kafi
: Girija Devi, Subhen Chatterjee - Tabla, Ramesh Mishra - Sarangi
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