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Eternity - The Soul of India
Eternity - The Soul of India

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Eternity - The Soul of India - (formerly known as 'A Musical Journey'): Indian music has its roots in devotional practices as much as in the rhythms of work and play which make up a rich tradition of this varied and vast land. While 'Divinity - A Musical Odyssey' (SRCD 026A) was an exploration of the Divine, 'Eternity - A musical Journey', is the second in this series and is a journey of discovery, surveying the evergreen, timeless and eternal... Read More

: SRCD 034A
: Sona Rupa
: Rakesh Chaurasia,Rupak Kulkarni, Sunil Das, Ulhas Bapat, Liyakat Ali Khan, Bhawani Shankar.


  1. Welcome - Rajasthan Maand 7:41
  2. A New Dawn- Gujarat Prabhatiyu 6:52
  3. The Inner Soul- Gujarat Bhajan 8:05
  4. Enchanting - Kashmir Pahadi 8:04
  5. Monsoon - Uttar Pradesh Kajri 5:44
  6. Yearning Raag Des 9:35
  7. Ecstasy - Sindh Mast Qallandar7:37
  8. Farewell - Punjab Heer 8:06
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