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EnerG - Feel the Music
EnerG - Feel the Music

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As the name suggests, enerG is an album full of zest and vigour, based on modern format, yet, retaining the structure of Indian Classical Raags. To accommodate the improvisational part of the classical raags, the whole album was recorded as a Live Concert in the studio! The result is quite phenomenal.

Music is composed by Rahul Ranade and arranged by Atul Raninga who... Read More

: SRCD 094
: Sona Rupa
: Atul Raninga, Rakesh Chaurasia, Satyajit Talwalkar, Mukul Dongre, Tushar Parte, Shyamraj,Joy Dey.


  1. Cosmos
  2. Momentum
  3. Adrenalin
  4. West Winds
  5. Soaring Heights
  6. Avalon
  7. Sublime Trance
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